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Dale City (22193), Locust Grove (22508), Woodbridge (22191, 22192), Prince William, Lorton VA, Caroline, and King George Counties

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Accurate Electric is a Licensed Electrical Contractor, is Fully Insured and has a Master Electrician on site for Every Job

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Accurate Electric (an Electrical Contractor) Electricians Service:

Fredericksburg (22401,22403,22405,22406,22407,22408), Stafford (22554, 22556), Spotsylvania (22551,22553,22508)

Dale City (22193), Locust Grove (22508), Woodbridge (22191, 22192), Prince William, Caroline, and King George Counties

                                  ACCURATE ELECTRIC 

                                                                208 Taylor St Fredericksburg VA 22405                                                       

                                                               7830 Alsop Way Spotsylvania, VA 22553

                                                                44 Mine Road Suite2 483 Stafford, VA 22554

                                                                1807 Old Post Terrace Woodbridge, VA 22191