"Fire was the first man-made light, followed by Edison' s light bulb"

Three important characteristics of LEDs are

  • LEDs are very energy efficient compared to incandescent lights

  • LEDs life expectancy is much longer than all other forms of modern lighting alternatives

  • LEDs offer different colors or shades of light

These characteristics make LEDs very advantageous for residential lighting

  • For situations like security lights or foyer lights located high on/in your house that normally require constant bulb changing, LEDs once installed may never have to be changed by YOU. You may no longer need a 16 ft ladder and risk your life to change a light bulb or pay an electrician to do it.

  • Due to LEDs efficiency, not only do you get a lot more light per kilowatt/dollar, but your air conditioner will no longer have to burn up kilowatts/dollars to extract the undesired heat that the older generation lighting dumps into your home. Both of these factors will help you save money and help pay for the investment over time. Click here for more discussion on efficiency.

  • And finally, different colors or shades of light can be selected to provide the type of lighting you may want for different areas within your home. Brighter colors can be selected for security lights, kitchen counter, and work areas. Whereas softer lighting can be selected for living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. Click here for some home lighting ideas

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So we can
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  • discuss different types of lighting strategies (e.g., general, task, accent, wall wash) with you. Click here for video

  • discuss different types of available light sources (i.e, incandescent, fluorescent, LED) and their advantages.



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