Hello, I'm Manfred and this is my son, Wyatt. We own Accurate Electric, a small Veteran and Son electrical contractor business. Our Engineer /Master Electrician will utilize an engineering approach to solve your emergency backup generator goals (whether small or large) based on many years of engineering and electrician experience. The approach begins with analyzing various approaches to determine the best cost effective solution to accomplish your near term and long term emergency backup generator goals. It ends with the installation and operation of an emergency backup generator system that has been designed to keep your home, belongings, and family safe during a prolonged power outage.


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We have combined experience in electrical systems of over seventy years. We are licensed in the State of Virginia and will have a full time on site Virginia Certified Master Electrician who also has over thirty years of engineering experience for you to rely on.

(1) We initially set up an appointment with you to discuss your emergency generator goals whether they are large or small and while there we inspect your current electrical and gas services and determine their current load. (2) We use this information along with your goals to design several approaches to determine the most cost effective method for your project. (3) Afterwards, we will set up a meeting with you to go over these approaches, answer any questions you may have, and to decide upon the desired approach. (4) We will coordinate with all of the required installation professionals and oversee the entire project. And finally, (5) we will test the emergency backup generator system in its entirety to insure it works properly, and teach you how to operate the system. 

We install GENERAC Generator products. GENERAC is the largest and most popular emergency backup generator manufacturer in the United States. Click Here for a brief explanation of how the Guardian (the GENERAC's top of the line emergency backup generator system for homes) works. The link below is also provided so you can become more familiar with GENERAC and their products.